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The daughter of Scott Michie submitted these few photographs for which we thank her, Scott was riding in the 1920, & 30s indeed a newspaper report records the period following world war two when international competition for Dirt Track (speedway) riders resumed. It seems that competition also took place in central Europe and countries that had only a short whilst before been at war with us, it records not only Scott’s success but the welcoming and friendly attitudes of those he met in countries where one could well have expected a hangover of wartime hostility.

Scotts daughter Margaret writes:

I have been trying to find historical information on my late father's speedway career back in the late 1920's and early 1930's.  I am attaching a few photos and newspaper articles I have found so far.  Sadly he passed away in Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada in October 1991 at age 82.  

We know he was on the Scottish team and was listed as a Rochdale rider.  He later was a team rider and team mechanic for Jawa motorcycles and rode extensively in Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and other countries in that area of Europe before the war.  His full name was Lawrence Cumberland Michie but he was known as "Scot Michie", "Scott Michie", "Scottie Michie" and I have even seen it as "Scott Mickie" - so many different versions.  He seemed to take on the name Scot as he was originally from Scotland and was on the Scottish Team.

One of the photos has a notation Hamburg Speedway 14/5/1931 and another says Breslau 22/5 but the year is missing. If anyone can find any more information for me I would be most grateful. It seems that speedway (dirt-track as my father always referred to it) was very popular in those early days.


Scott Michie

Signed photo of Scott on his bike

Scott on the track unfortunately not very clear

Scott Michie’s machine

Scott Michie and the Scottish team
L/R Drew McQueen, Scot Mickie, Billy Galloway
George McKenzie, Len Stewart, Col Stewart

Scott Michie The Winner

Below as far as possible is a copy of the above.

We reproduce a photograph of Mr Scott Michie, the Sanquhar, racing motor cyclist, who is a popular performer on all the Continental dirt tracks. The photograph was taken a Zagreb, Yugoslavia in the course of his extensive tour of the dirt tracks of Central Europe, from which he has recently returned. On many of his journeys, travelling by road, his experiences have been thrilling. One – pleasing feature (worth stating) in the countries particularly of Germany and Austria so lately (at) war with us, was the uniform and unmistakable sincerity of the kindness and friendliness shown him on every hand. It would appear that our late enemies have indeed buried the hatchet and are eager to smoke the pipe of peace.

It is pleasing also to record that in none of those countries where this young countryman of ours carried off premier (honours) in international events taken part in by picked riders from Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Australia etc. were feeling of jealousy or animosity aroused. On the contrary the attention he received on the occasion of some of his most notable success against native competitors rivals that bestowed on a Charlie Chaplain or a Mary Pickford.

Among the most noteworthy successes gained by this young Scottish rider – of which he has brought back concrete evidence in the shape of interesting trophies and innumerable press notices and photographs, in diverse languages – are the winning of international contests in Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia and Denmark (at tracks I can’t read) besides the created of new records at various tracks, viz to instance one in Checko-Slovakia where he averaged 103 miles per hour on a particularly large track

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