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15 Oct - Just acquired a report for California Reunion 2015 view it HERE

15 Oct -  Report of the 2018 California-in-England Speedway Reunion can be seen HERE

29 July - A magazine item from a late 1930’s USA publication featuring East Coast crashes HERE

29 July - Details on the new edition on The Voice, interested see HERE

19 July - New book about Neil Street by Tony Webb & John Somerville see details HERE

07 Jun - Sadly the web has been updated to record the death of Jim Gregory see his profile HERE

02 May - New issue of Friends of Speedway Magazine details HERE

29 Apr - John Hyam’s American Legends Album to see if you agree click HERE  

26 Apr - Sidecar racing images supplied by John Hyam now available to view HERE

26 Apr - Image of Norwich Badge and bars belonging to Richard’s grandfather HERE

20 Apr - New item with photos of some of the Women in Speedway you can find it HERE

18 Apr - The complete sets of both Player’s and Ogden’s Cigarette Cards are now complete HERE

12 Apr - Riders profile added for Ray Harris take a look HERE and now

05 Apr - One Night in 1949 a story from Liverpool to read click HERE

03 Apr - Have added more cards to the website take a look and help if you can  - see HERE

29 Mar - More cigarette cards uploaded take a look HERE

26 Mar - Some speedway artwork for you to enjoy see HERE

22 Mar - Board Track Speedway, never heard of it - well take a look HERE

20 Mar - Acorn Dobson’s cigarette card added see HERE

18 Mar - Don’t forget to check the Cigarette Card section for additions check HERE

15 Mar - Vic Collins profile has been added to the Riders’ Profile section to read click HERE


13 Mar - More Cigarette cards added see HERE

12 Mar - Profile of Alf Kaines on line HERE

11 Mar - Photos of the Douglas the was ridden by Fay Taylour found in Australia see HERE

11 Mar - Review of the book Fay Taylour - Queen of Speedway HERE

10 Mar - Profile of Fay Taylour now on line and can be read HERE


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