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The first Polish rider to hold down a team place in British speedway was Max Rech- who never raced in a Polish speedway meeting.

Rech was among many Poles who escaped to Britain following Germany's invasion in 1939.

During the 1939-45 war Rech was a fighter pilot with the Free Polish Air Force. He remained in Britain following the end of the war.

He first took an interest in speedway in the late 1940s after watching a meeting at Fleetwood in 1949. After a spell of second-half rides at the Lancashire National Division Two side, Rech moved to Cornwall.

He continued his speedway career as a member of the St Austell team in the National League Division Three in 1952 and 1953.

Unfortunately, his career ended following a serious injury in 1953. Rech continued to live in the west country, where he passed away in the 1990s.

Max Rech

By John Hyam